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eCash Coin Definition & What is the purpose of it?

eCash Coin is defined as the Bitcoin Cash ABC fork, which split off from Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin. In transactions for the purchase of goods and services, this cryptocurrency is intended for use and is designed to be assigned as electronic cash. eCash (XEC) is the new name of The Bitcoin Cash ABC. eCash uses both a proof of stake consensus method and a governance system.

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The purpose of The eCash platform is develop into a quick, secure, and user-friendly international payments solution.
The eCash platform guarantees that programmers can easily create smart contracts and decentralized applications (DApps). This method associates a privacy-focused blockchain with an Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) subchain. With smart contract functionality, Blockchain networks may be significantly grown without encountering issues.
Because of the usage of the EVM subchain, decentralized apps can be expanded or moved to the eCash platform without needing to be reconfigured. eTokens is one of the aspects that make up eCash Coin from a governance protocol.
eCash Coin transactions can help you to quickly create your own tokens.Launching eTokens only costs a few cents, so anyone can produce an eToken may do so without having to pay a lot of money.
The main purpose of the eCash platform is to guarantee that users may complete anonymity, which is important for sound money to maintain its essential properties.
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