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How to buy BNB - Guide for newbies

Before looking for how to buy BNB effectively, let's find what BNB means. Binance held an ICO in 2017 to mạke money for their cryptocurrency trading business. Binance Coin (BNB) is the token released as part of the ICO, and was available for purchase for $0.1 per BNB. Binance's ICO was regarded as one of the most successful ones ever. The value of BNB has increased substantially.

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Step 1: Pick out a Crypto Exchange. You have to have an account with a cryptocurrency exchange. It is a website that enables crypto trades in order to purchase cryptocurrency. You should find a cryptocurrency exchange that does BNB trading by doing some research since not all do. There are many exchanges, ranging from those with basic trading facilities for newcomers or seasoned investors.
Step 2: Buy BNB. You may fund your account using a debit card, credit card and electronic bank transfer once you've selected an exchange. Text the trading interface for the exchange once your account has been funded. For example, enter the amount you want to invest, say $50, along with the ticker symbol for Binance Coin (BNB). At the time of the transaction, you may often choose between markets and limit orders on exchanges.
Step 3: Store Your BNB. You are responsible for protecting your investment, no matter you're purchasing BNB or another cryptocurrency coin. There are several kinds of storage: Hardware Wallets, Paper Wallets, Software Wallets, Crypto Exchanges. Yon can pick one of them to a storage fund. That is all knowledge about How to Buy BNB makes you buy BNB effectively.
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