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How to stake Solana (SOL) - Basic knowledge about Solana staking

Before finding out How to stake Solana, they need to be aware of What is Solana staking. Staking Solana is a fantastic method to get staking rewards, it is a sort of passive income. Reward payments are made in SOL and It may be thought of as interest in your cryptocurrency investments. You can have the option of unstacking your SOL at any time.

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Step 1: Installing a Solana Wallet. You must first download a Solana wallet that supports staking in order to stake your claim. Many suggestions such as:

The first is Phantom because of its ease of use and variety of features. Now, Phantom is the most used wallet on Solana.
The second is Sollet. The Sollet developed by the Serum team, browser-based cryptocurrency wallet and plugin. It enables users to securely manage their SOL and SPL assets on the Solana blockchain.
The third is Solflare. When users come to Solana wallets, Solflare has a solid reputation. The Solflare extension is available for download.
The fourth is Solong. In spite of being one of the less well-known Solana wallets, Solong is still a fantastic choice for newbies
Step 2: A SOL deposit into your wallet. To put some SOL in your wallet when you've selected one. Staking is not a set minimum requirement. However, to pay for fees and receive attractive benefits, it is advised to have additional SOL
Step 3: Delegating to a Validator. Now, you may stake SOL if you have them in your wallet. If you're using Phantom, Simply click "Start earning SOL" after selecting "Solana". You'll be sent to a list readily available. validators. That is short there needs to know about How to stake Solana (SOL).
Cre: https://market247.io/
See detail: https://market247.io/how-to-stake-solana

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