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What is Quant & How Does It run

Quant Network was established by Gilbert Verdian in 2015. Quant was introduced as its native token. On the Quant blockchain, QNT crypto is a token that grants online access to a specific service or program. After then, access fees in amounts of fiat money are applied to QNT tokens. Once you research what is Quant, this part will tell you more about the mechanism of it.

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About How Does Quant (QNT) Work. Quant integrates several blockchains with corporate applications without additional infrastructure. Distributed ledger technology (DLT) and applicant programming interfaces (APIs) are used to connect several blockchains to one another.
Overledger is an enterprise-level solution. Overledger is made to integrate with other DLTs used in business activities. Different DLTs may be used for procurement, provenance, logistics, customs, and payments in supply chains. For example, but all too frequently these DLTs are unable to interact with one another.
The Quant network was made up of the Overledger Network and Overledger OS. Users can construct and access multi-chain apps using the proprietary technology known as the Overledger OS. MApps rely on treaty contracts, which allow users to create applications on various blockchains. It opposed to smart contracts, like other DeFi apps do.
Multi-ledger tokens that are digital assets backed by real money kept in escrow with a financial institution, are also supported by Quant. Hoping you can understand more about Quant further than just what is Quant (QNT).
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See detail: https://market247.io/what-is-quant

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