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What is STEPN - How Does It run

STEPN is A move-to-earn app using the Solana blockchain. It leverages play-to-earn gaming and augmented reality (AR) ideas to compensate users for all the calories they used. Users get points depending on the distance they run that is monitored by GPS. Users rewarded for their accomplishments. Running, jogging, or walking can all be paid jobs. You can be aware of what is STEPN so what makes it operate?

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The users of the Game-Fi system of STEPN wear NFTs that resemble shoes. First, users must first deposit Solana's native SOL token in STEPN's in-app wallet, then they purchase NFT shoes and wait for their energy to be restored after 24 hours. Energy has a duty that determines how long a user can work out in a pair of sneakers NFT.
Users can choose from a diversity of features, including comfort, efficiency, and resilience. The energy cap of your footwear can be affected by all of its components. The supply of rewards is constrained, due to the energy cap plays a crucial role in bottlenecking distribution.
Users can earn game currency by running, walking, or jogging outside. Then they can be redeemed for actual money or used in-game. Users can also sell, purchase, rent, and lease NFT shoes, jewels, and badges on the market. The marketplace provides a straightforward filter and sort feature. It makes STEPN easy to navigate. Market247 hopes that all of these provide useful information about what is STEPN so you can learn more about STEPN.
Cre: https://market247.io/
See detail: https://market247.io/what-is-stepn

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